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I’m Ben, Your Strategic Partner in UX, UI Design, and Consultancy

In today’s digital landscape, user experience is more than just an industry buzzword; it’s a business necessity. As your strategic ally, I bring to the table a deep understanding of UX and UI design, crafting solutions that not only look good but also function seamlessly.

AI: Unraveling the Myth of the Lazy Worker

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into our daily work, a prevailing myth suggests that this technological marvel is breeding a generation of lazy workers. However, this perspective is not just simplistic; it fundamentally misunderstands the transformative power of AI in the workplace. Let’s embark on a…

2 min read

Rethinking Error Messages in UI Design

In the world of user interface (UI) design, we often encounter error messages. These messages play a crucial role in guiding users when something goes awry, but are they really serving their purpose effectively? In this article, we’ll explore the limitations of conventional error messages and introduce alternative approaches to…

2 min read

Understanding UX and UI: Learning from Big Names like Apple, Google, and Airbnb

User Experience (UX) is about how we interact with digital products like websites or apps. It focuses on making these products easy and enjoyable to use. On the other hand, User Interface (UI) is about how these products look—the colours, the shapes of buttons, the layout of elements on the…

2 min read

UX Maturity

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, achieving and sustaining UX maturity is crucial for delivering exceptional user experiences. As organisations recognise the value of user-centric design, cultivating a mature UX team becomes a strategic imperative. Understanding UX Maturity The journey towards UX maturity involves progressing from an ad-hoc approach to a…

2 min read

The Power of AI-Driven Search Relevance

In the realm of user experience design, we’re all acutely aware that the user’s ability to effortlessly locate information is the cornerstone of a stellar digital journey. As we explore advancements in search technologies, Algolia’s role in enhancing AI-driven search relevance comes into focus—not as a panacea…

1 min read

Accessibility: Beyond the Surface

Our objective is to create digital experiences that are not only usable but inclusive. Let’s delve into the realm of accessibility and understand why overlay solutions can pose problems from a user experience perspective. Understanding Accessibility at Its Core Accessibility isn’t merely a checklist; it’s about ensuring that digital content…

2 min read

Navigating Leadership: Thrive or Falter?

Leadership is often likened to sailing turbulent seas, where success and failure depend on the choices made during the journey. In this thought leadership piece, we’ll explore the perilous pitfalls that can send leaders off-course and share insights on how to thrive amidst the tempest. The Landscape of Leadership Leadership…

2 min read

Buy My Product

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, the traditional “Buy My Product” pitch no longer suffices. Let’s delve into the transformative shifts reshaping the way businesses engage with their audience. Understanding the Shift Business strategies are evolving, driven by shifts in consumer behaviour and the technological revolution. The simplistic approach of the…

1 min read